alocação de recursos

Desafio, Sistema e Resultados

The Challenge


When the teams start to grow, follow each individual activities become a hard task. This is even more difficulty if you are the director or the project manager, and your team is co-located in different countries. 

Some companies use tools as JIRA or SAP to follow the deliverables progress. Very often the visibilities are created manually, allocating a person of the team to update dashboards. This manual process consumes a huge effort. An effort that should be used to deliver code, drawings, sales, vehicles or anything else that generates money to the company.

So, how can managers have a real time visibility of the performance of the team in a efficient way?


Our Framework applied to Resources Allocation


    The figure above shows the integration of the Intelligent Insights framework with JIRA.

Progresso das Entregas

The first dashboard is a list of the activities with a visual clue of the progress.

Scrum Dashboard

The second is a table organized by responsible and due date.


Alocação de Recursos

Our system calculates the effort to complete a task based on completion history of similar activities then it plots the activities by due date, allowing the project manager to balance the workload according available workforce.


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